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Did You Read That? Art Editing on the Web
103rd CAA Annual Conference
Hilton New York, Madison Suite, New York, NY
February 14, 2015
12:30—2:00 PM

This CAA Annual Conference session, sponsored by the Association of Art Editors, will explore the current state of art editing on the web. The five panelists and the session chair will discuss the varying levels of work and practices involved in editing texts for publication online, from the mechanical and technical aspects (research, fact checking, making corrections after publishing) to larger conceptual and ethical matters (changing attitudes toward quality). Writers and editors today have access to a wide range of resources—from Google searches and Wikipedia to JSTOR and Oxford Art Online—that were unfathomable twenty or thirty years ago. How has this affected the editorial process?

The format of “Did You Read That?” will be a roundtable discussion, with the chair serving as an active interviewer rather than a passive moderator. The conversation will focus on specific examples and case studies rather than on generalizations and abstractions; it will also address personal and academic websites, online versions of printed publications, born-digital journals, and blogs. In addition, the panelists may consider the training of younger writers, critics, historians, and editors.

The panelists are: Stephanie Cash, Burnaway; Orit Gat, WdW Review and Rhizome; John Hicks, Getty Research Institute; Christopher Howard, College Art Association (chair); Alodie Larson, Oxford Art Online; and Dushko Petrovich, Yale University School of Art.

The Association of Art Editors will hold a small business meeting at the conclusion of the session.


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