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Laleh Khorramian
Hosted into Emergency
Studio 420
400 East Orlando Street, Orlando, FL
May 27–28, 1999

Since the 1960s, art critics have declared the death and rebirth of painting countless times, but the art form has consistently proven itself relevant to contemporary life.

Iran native, graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and now Orlando artist Laleh Khorramian is far removed from intense art-world debates, but her highly original, genre-bending painting expresses a timeless passion for the brush. With overlapping imagery, much like superimposed film stills, a work like “Woman Falling Out of Her Dress” resonates a cinematic influence, emphasizing temporal movement within a stationary picture.

Khorramian’s two-night “Hosted into Emergency” event will showcase recent drawings and paintings with “visual sound” by experimental musician Kamilsky. Using an overhead projector, the artist will project improvisational painting as Kamilsky mixes his own ambient surround-sounds.

Originally published as “Sound and Vision Create ‘Emergency’” in the Orlando Weekly on May 19, 1999.