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Find Your Home
Sub Pop

On Find Your Home, Vue has fully captured the most superficial and easy-to-imitate aspects of the Rolling Stones in the 1970s, minus, of course, any sense of originality, style, and swagger. A listener would be hard pressed to find any creative thought on this San Francisco band’s second CD. Even the Black Crowes have a more emotionally compelling and authentic rock ‘n’ roll spirit, not to mention catchier tunes.

After researching this band on the internet, I learned Vue has earned a reputation for being stylish dressers in that thrift-store-meets-Carnaby-Street way. Is it too late to create a new genre for bands like this that keep popping up like mushrooms from turds? How about “fashion music,” because it’s obvious that the photo shoots are given priority over the songwriting. I doubt if anything in the band members’ record collections dates past 1981. If it did, Vue would surely know they’re making tired, uninspired music.

Originally published in ‘Sup 10 (2002).