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Let Pavement Cut Your Hair

Sha-la-la. Everyone and their goldfish should have this single. All of America will be dancing in the streets to the sounds of Pavement. This band has so much joy, power, and influence that it will undoubtedly unite South Africa, make peace in Eastern Europe, feed the Somalians, bring the Jews and Arabs together, and have Lorena Bobbitt forgive her husband John and Nancy Kerrigan pardon Tonya Harding. At last, world piece, all because of one band. “Cut Your Hair” is the feel-good song of 1994. It’ll make the boys silly, cause the girlies to squeal, and promote a general sense of giddiness throughout the land. The b-sides, the mellowish “Camera” (an REM cover, I’m told) and “Stare,” go hand in hand, like Jack and Jill, like peaches and cream. Pavement is hands down the best pop band that ever buzzed a guitar or hammered a plastic bucket while sitting around in the garage killing time.

Originally published in Ink Nineteen in April 1994.