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Pain Teens
Destroy Me, Lover
Trance Syndicate

Destroy Me, Lover is yet another dive into the Pain Teens’ world of psychosexual torture, abuse, and control. As follow up to last year’s spectacular Stimulation Festival, the new Pain Teens CD dishes out more of their signature acid-drenched sound. The guitarist Scott Ayers is Helios Creed’s bastard son, with his horrifying six-string exploits, tape manipulations, and samples. The bass and drums are as thick as mud, serving as a perfect backdrop for the vocalist Bliss Blood’s low drone. In “Tar Pit” she mysteriously croons, “I’ve got a deep dark secret / that no one knows about / deep dark secret / that you can’t live without.” Meanwhile, the feedback and tapes sound exactly like someone being sucked into their own wretched psyche. “RU 486” is a backward pop song in which praises are sung to the morning-after pill. Synthesized (?) trumpets blast throughout the upbeat “Dominant Man” in full Foetus style. For the first time, the Pain Teens try an acoustic song, “The Ballad of Isaac.” Despite the band putting out mostly self-indulgent fucked-up noise, this tune is not a sore spot but rather a strong point on Destroy Me, Lover. If your music tastes run a little weird—I mean really weird—pick up the Pain Teens.

Originally published in Ink Nineteen in October 1993.