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Free Kitten
In the Red

Free Kitten features Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth fame and Julia Cafritz (ex-Pussy Galore, ex-Action Swinger). The Boredoms drummer Yoshimi, from Japan, is also a Kitten. Badly tuned guitars and even more out of tune vocals are what this band is all about. The two songs found on this seven inch are basically pointless. “Guilty Pleasures” is subtitled “Ode to Pavement.” Cafritz screeches about how lame that band is but also admits that she’s a fan.

I guess Free Kitten isn’t all that bad considering I intentionally bought the band’s twelve-inch EP and its picture-disc seven-inch single before getting Lick!, but the music here isn’t too interesting. In fact, Lick! is a studio disaster. But anything related to Sonic Youth is cool (except for Dim Stars), so I’ll probably continue to get Free Kittens.

Originally published in Ink Nineteen in April 1994.