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The Flying Luttenbachers
Systems Emerge from Complete Disorder
Troubleman Unlimited

From what I have read, Weasel Walter, the drummer and bandleader of the San Francisco–based Flying Luttenbachers, is an outspoken man who, in interviews, seems to enjoy being confrontational. On Systems Emerge from Complete Disorder, Walter’s mouth is matched powerfully by his music, which truly displays his tirelessness for just wanting to make a loud noise. The Flying Luttenbachers’ head pilot plays every instrument on this opus noise fest: harsh electronics, speedy piano, punishing drums, and heavy guitar featuring both death-metal riffage and wanking solos. (The band itself has gone through numerous stages over the years and consequently has quick member turnover.)

The compositions may or may not be improvisations: sometimes the music coalesces, other times the listener is left wandering blindly in the dark. The more songlike of tracks, such as “Kkringg Number One” and “Kkringg Number Two,” sound like Captain Beefheart in a blender, while others, such as “Thorned Lattice,” are manifestations of restless energy that, despite seemingly being listener unfriendly, are quite good and fun to hear. I haven’t exactly followed the Flying Luttenbachers since the mid-1990s, but Systems Emerge from Complete Disorder has me interested again.

Originally published in ‘Sup 13 (2004).