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Bikini Kill
Pussy Whipped
Kill Rock Stars

Question: How many Riot Grrrls does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: None. Riot Grrrls can’t change anything.

Yeah, yeah, everyone’s tired of all this neofeminist, Sassy-hyped chick rock business. Everyone’s got their favorite Riot Grrrl joke, mine being this one. The phenomenon is all over the “big” music magazines, and is particularly bad in the English press. There are plenty of reasons why Feminazis should not be taken seriously. Fortunately, Bikini Kill isn’t one of them.

Bikini Kill is better than punk. It’s primal, sludge mud rock. So what if women are making the noise this time instead of big hairy-chested men? The band has a true grasp on hate and presents it in an uncontrolled chaotic fashion. “All you do is destroy / all you do is fuck up / all you ever do is take”—lyrics from “Li’l Red” are not so much directed toward men but toward fellow women for not realizing their true potential and equality. Pussy Whipped also contains a love song, “For Tammy Rae,” a rarity for the Riot Grrrl camp. It’s sung from girl to girl: “We can’t hear a word they say / let’s pretend we own the world today … hold on tight I will never let you down / it can’t rain on our side of town.” Truly a sweet gesture and a different change of pace from the anger found throughout this record. If you’re a fan of good old-fashioned noise/guitar rock, forget all the feminist hoopla and buy this now.

Originally published in Ink Nineteen in April 1994.