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Touch and Go

When I saw Arcwelder open for Tar last summer, I remember being very hyped to see a Touch and Go band I had yet to hear. For the first few songs, I watched and listened, trying hard to find something about Arcwelder to like. Came up empty handed. When I received the band’s new cassette, Xerxes, being the horrendous optimist that I am, I once again hoped for the best. During the first song or two, I paid close attention … but soon my interest faded. For those who still might be curious, the band has a Midwestern Husker Dü feel, with maybe some Dinosaur Jr. zaniness thrown in. To me, this blend turns bland. People aren’t perfect, and even a glorious record company such as Touch and Go releases a few dud albums. Sorry, Arcwelder dudes. It’s not that you suck; you’re just not that great.

Originally published in Ink Nineteen in May 1994.