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Get Here and Stay

A 764-HERO recording would fit quite nicely in your CD changer alongside the melancholic indie rockers Galaxie 500, Low, and Codeine, but this rainy-day Seattle band administers a lot more kick. Get Here and Stay synchronizes reverb-soaked guitar, graceful bass, and merciless drumming for ten unusual combinations of moody dirges and upbeat indie rock. Formerly a duo, 764-HERO members John Atkins (guitar/vocals) and Polly Johnson (drums) added a bassist and enlisted as engineer the Modest Mouse producer Phil Elk to record their second full length. The only sore spots on Get Here and Stay are Atkins’s lyrics—they’re too vague and personal for universal appeal. Still, the power of the music more than makes up for it. And after the band’s brief tour with Sunny Day Real Estate, 764-HERO will be the most dialed number in town.

Originally published in the Orlando Weekly on December 3, 1998.